Island Trader Vacations Reviews The Lakes of Montana

horses small 300x200 Island Trader Vacations Reviews The Lakes of MontanaAnother of those many destinations in the world which offers much more then what originally met the eye, the beautiful state of Montana, located in the heart of America’s west, is home to cattle, national parks, horses, cowboys, cultural Native American sites and yes, islands. Come with Island Trader Vacations as we take a closer look at this lesser known fact with a review of Montana’s amazing islands.

While many of its islands may be privately owned, some of over 110 named islands in the great state of Montana are open to visitors just like you. Located in rivers, reservoirs and lakes throughout the state, these islands range from uninhabited islands preserved for nature to extraordinarily extravagant and home to the rich and famous.

Wild Horse Island – Largest island in a freshwater lake west of Minnesota, Wild Horse Islands is over 2100 acres and has a long history which have made it a landmark to the state for many years. Once believed to have been a pasturing area to keep their horses safe by the Salish-Kootenai Indians, the island is now protected and part of the Wild Horse Island State Park. Home to diverse wildlife, thousands of birds and wild horses, it is also known as a home to rare and endangered plant species and ecosystems. A popular place to hike and explore, visitors are also welcome to camp as well providing they have a permit from the park in advance. Other popular activities found around the island include swimming, fishing, sailing, kayaking and boating as well.

Pirogue Island – Another popular lake located within the great state of Montana is the lovely and rustic island called Pirogue Island. Located just one mile from Miles City, Pirogue Island is part of Pirogue Island State Park in the mighty Yellowstone River. Isolated and remote, this river island is famed for its natural bounty in addition to its beauty. Covered in cottonwood trees, it is a phenomenal place to spot wildlife and birds located throughout this region including belted kingfishers, bald eagles, shore birds, mule deer as well as many smaller mammals. Situated at 2300 plus feet above sea level, this island is truly wild and perfect for the adventurous. A featured wilderness destination, Pirogue Island is a truly unique 269 acre wilderness area.

Eagle Island – A popular day use area located near Great Falls Montana, Eagle Island is located in the Missouri River. Just 22 acres in size, this small island is open during established hunting seasons. Perfect for hunting or fishing, provided you have the right permits, Eagle Islands is an undeveloped island and is amazing for fishing, wildlife viewing or just exploring.

Whether exploring Pirogue Island for the day or perhaps spending some more quality time of the lovely island of Wild Horse Island or Eagle Island, Montana’s Islands are unique and beautiful choices for you when you are exploring. Be inspired and enjoy travel more when you spend time traveling with Island Trader Vacations reviews.

Island Trader Vacations Reviews An Exotic Archipelago In The South China Sea

Redangislandam 300x202 Island Trader Vacations Reviews An Exotic Archipelago In The South China SeaA marginal sea which is part of the Pacific Ocean, the South China Sea is filled with natural wonders. From coral reefs and natural diversity to stunning island nation’s home to amazing people, beautiful animals and a diverse culture, this region welcomes millions each year. From Malaysia to Borneo and mainland China, we invite you to explore one of these amazing island destinations, the islands of the Redang Archipelago, hidden gems in the South China Sea.

Once a trader’s paradise, the Redang Archipelago was often a stopover for travelers on their journeys looking to get off the boat and enjoy the beauty of the region. Like other areas of this part of the world, legends are also rich in Redang as well and today, still play a part in the culture of the areas around 250 resident fishermen today.

The islands of the Redang Archipelago are often considered Malaysia’s gems in the South China Sea. These islands are mostly uninhabited and together make up a renowned marine park off the coast of Malaysia which provides an excellent location for snorkeling, diving and exploring without the crowds of many of the other islands of the region. From its white sand beaches to its clear blue seas and its luxury beach resorts, get to know more about this unique and exotic destination for travel with a review from Island Trader Vacations.

Made up of 9 islands, the Redang Archipelago includes Lima Island, Paku Besar Islnad, Paku Kecil Island, Kerengga Besar Island, Kerengga Kecil Island, Ekor Tebu Island, Ling Island, Pinang Island and of course, Redang Island, the largest in the group. Surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, the region is famous for its underwater appeal drawing thousands of divers from around the world for its diversity as well as its stunning clarity.  Pulau Redang Marine Park was named to protect the diversity of these lovely islands and today is one many which offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the islands today in an otherwise busy world.

While the islands themselves offer plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the region, the star of the show here is definitely below the surface of the ocean. Those who pay attention often find themselves face to face with thousands of species including pipefish, stonefish, cuttlefish, green turtles, clownfish, barracudas and a veritable garden of corals all colors of the rainbow.

Today visitors who are experienced divers or those who would like to learn have plenty of opportunities to get out and under the sea with an instructor or a guide from one of the many establishments catering to this type of activity. Nature is bountiful in this lovely archipelago and the many wonderful residents who call this area offer visitors the opportunity to explore and enjoy all it has to offer.

Be inspired and find out for yourself what makes the Redang Marine Park, one of the South China Sea’s best kept secrets.

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Island Trader Vacations Reviews A Piece of Michigan’s History

cars 300x200 Island Trader Vacations Reviews A Piece of Michigan’s HistoryHenry Ford Museum formally known as the Edison Institute is located in Dearborn, Michigan. The indoor and outdoor museum is also a National Historic Landmark. It is of course named for its founder Henry Ford. Ford wanted a place to preserve items of historical impact whether they were from the Industrial Revolution, famous homes and their belongings, machinery, to  anything that had significance relevance to the American people or were a piece of Americana. He said of his museum ‘I am collecting the history of our people as written into things their hands made and used. When we are through, we shall have reproduced American life as lived, and that, I think, is the best way of preserving at least a part of our history and tradition’. That being said, the museum originally began as Ford’s own personal collection which he had started in 1906.

The Henry Ford Museum now sits on 12 acres and is a unique collection that stays true to his more or less mission statement. There’s a vast array with something to pique anyone’s interest and curiosity from the chair that Abraham Lincoln was shot in at the Ford Theater, to Thomas Edison’s laboratory that many of the inventions that are still held in high esteem today were created in, to the tube that allegedly holds the last breath that Thomas Edison exhaled, to the presidential limousine that John F. Kennedy was riding in when he was assassinated. The bus that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on has also been lovingly restored after it rested in a field rusting for years. There are also pieces that are pure Americana like the Oscar Mayer Weiner mobile.

The Henry Ford Museum is open 7 days a week from 9:30AM until 5:00PM. The only days that the museum is closed are Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. The ticket prices are $17 for adults and $12.50 for children ages 5-12. Children under 4 are free and seniors receive a discounted ticket. The museum also has a few dining option. The Michigan Café offers regional cuisine that focuses on the Great Lakes. There is also Lamy’s Diner which of course offers diner fare. For a true piece of Americana there is also the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile Café which offers a wide array of hot dog concoctions.

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Island Trader Vacations Travel Services Department Explores Indianapolis

houstonskylinesm 300x195 Island Trader Vacations Travel Services Department Explores IndianapolisA cultural and economic hub, Indianapolis Indiana was recently named one of 2014’s top cities for travel. Its new Indy Cultural Trail represents the best of what urban bike trails can be, a model for others looking to encourage and promote culture and healthy living all in one. Come with us as we take a closer look at Indy’s new cultural trail and more of what it has to offer you.

From sports to recreation, there is always something going on in this massive capital city. Capital and largest city of the state of Indiana, it is home to a city population of over 820,000 and is the 13th largest city in the U.S. Situated on the banks of the White River, Indianapolis was begun thinking that its location on the river would make it a transportation hub however, the waterway failed in terms of transportation and plans changed. Its placement on the east-west National Road, the first railroad to serve Indianapolis however, did play a role in the growth of this major metropolitan area as more and more railroad connections were made. Today a hub for transportation and commerce, Indianapolis has quickly become a major city center.

Today millions of tourists from around the world to enjoy the food, the culture and the experiences uniquely Indy.  Of all the opportunities the newest and most exciting is the cultural trail. Begun in 2007, this 7.5 mile trail was finally completed in 2013. A world class urban bike and pedestrian path, this cultural trail links districts and entertainment and is the hub for the heart of the Indiana greenway.  Along the trail sites including Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum offer visitors a great way to spend a couple days in this amazing city.

A number of historically significant monuments and structures including the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the USS Indianapolis Memorial, the Fountain Square Cultural District, Obelisk Square, the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians & Western Art located in White River State Park and the Conner Prairie Interactive History Park represent just a few of the many other popular attractions. From history to culture, food to fun, find out for yourself what makes this a destination not to be missed.

Island Trader Vacations travel services department invites you to come and explore with us. Be inspired, be informed and enjoy travel more with Island Trader Vacations.

Island Trader Vacations Travel Services Department Exploring The Grand Canal

Grand Canal and Basilica Santa Maria della Salute Venice Italy small 300x199 Island Trader Vacations Travel Services Department Exploring The Grand CanalThe Grand Canal is the major water traffic thoroughfare of Venice. As there are no automobiles allowed in the city proper, the canals and on foot are the only ways to traverse the city. The Grand Canal is the main canal of the city and one can take to it either by water buses, water taxies or gondolas.

The Grand Canal winds through the city on a large reverse S shaped curve and goes through all the central districts of Venice. The canal is just over 2 miles long and is just under 100 feet wide at its smallest and almost 300 feet wide at its largest. One end of the canal leads into the lagoon near the Santa Lucia railway station and the other end leads into the Saint Mark Basin. The typical depth of the Grand Canal is about 16 ½ feet. The banks of the canal are fronted with nearly 170 buildings that range in dates of construction from the 13th century up until the 18th century.  The buildings architecture is a sight to behold with the once noble families’ palazzos and even the warehouses elaborate edifices. Many of the former palaces emerge right onto the water so the only way to even appreciate the architecture of the front of the buildings is by boat on the Grand Canal.

Of course Italians love their centuries old traditions and Venice does not disappoint and preserves many of these. The annual Historical Regatta, Regata Sorica, takes place annually on the first Sunday of September. This competition of Venetian boaters is watched by thousands on floating stands that are erected specifically for the event. The race is of course preceded with the pomp and circumstance of a historical procession that is done in remembrance of the Queen of Cyprus’ abdication of her throne in 1489, and then is followed by gondoliers dressed in costume sailing 16th century boats. The Regatta is a perfect way to immerse one’s self in the culture and heritage of Venice as you are visiting making it truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Just one of many unique, historic and beautiful reasons to travel to Venice, it ranks as one of the top destinations for travel in the world and is a must add to any bucket list.

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